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hey guys

in this video we're going to look at the

top five heating pads for necks

available on the market today

we made this list based on our own

opinion research and customer reviews

we've considered the quality features

and values when narrowing down the best

choices possible

if you want more information and updated

pricing on the products mentioned

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so here are the top 5 best heating pads

for necks


the fifth product on our list is the

sunny bay heating wrap

the sunny bay heating wrap is a

multi-purpose weighted heating pad

that can help you relieve pain from your

back neck and shoulder

it is made with high quality products

that ensure every user safety

it uses a thick yet soft anti-pill

fleece cover that protects your skin

through proper insulation while you have

it on

this way the heat will not burn you


it will soothe tired and aching muscles

and joints

it is also filled with fresh flax seeds

that efficiently hold in the heat this

heating pad

can be used both hot and cold to use it

for heat therapy

heat it inside the microwave on the

other hand to use it as a coolant

place it inside the freezer you can use

it to address

any injury that requires hot or cold

therapy it provides full coverage

so you can cover even the hardest to

reach places such as the neck

shoulder and back its built-in elastic

helps in securing the heating pad in the

place where the heat is needed

so whether you are standing driving or

moving you will not have to worry about

the pack

becoming unstuck or having to adjust it

all the time

it comes in two sizes the regular size

with a length of 26 inches

and the extra large one which is 30

inches this heating pad is easy to


as it is easy to use you only have to

wipe it with a damp cloth

or spray it with rubbing alcohol it's

pros are

it is soft and comfortable it heats


and it is cost effective however it may

wear out sooner

if you are looking for a reliable

heating pad for your neck you should

check out the sunny bay heating pad

it does not need to be plugged into an

electrical outlet you only need your

microwave and freezer

up next in the fourth place is the

huggaroo neck wrap

the huggaroot neck wrap is a heating pad

for your neck that is made with plush

polyester fabric

it is filled with flax seeds wheat

lavender chamomile

peppermint spearmint lemongrass rosemary


yarrow white willow valyrian root yellow

dock and hops

it is designed to provide deep pressure

therapy and stress relief

through its moist heating pad or cold

compress its herbal aromatherapy can

soothe your migraines

menstrual cramps arthritis and back pain

this heating pad does not need any


you can just put it inside your

microwave to heat it

it will only take a couple of seconds

but if you want to use it as a cold


all you have to do is chill it in your


it can stay warm for up to 10 to 15


during this time it can provide you with

deep heat

you can use it while cooking relaxing

driving or working at your desk

the huggaroon neck wrap is not just a

popular brand

it is also award winning chicago tribune

named it as the best weighted heating pads suppliers (Discover More) of the best and the

top choice in october 2019

it is dubbed as one of the best

microwavable heating pads

in 2019 and 2020 by bestreviews.com too

moreover this heating pad was featured

on the today show

and in celebrity swag bags at the 2019

oscars and emmys

it's prozar it offers soothing herbal


it provides a lot of pain relief and it

is balanced and cordless

its cons are however the smell of


may be too intense for some people but

if you want that soothing heat combined

with the scent of lavender

then huggaroo neck wrap may be the

heating pad for you

it is also a highly recognized product

proving its effectiveness

and efficiency still haven't found the

heating pad for your neck that meets

your needs

well keep watching because we have more

lined up for you

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the third product on our list is the

sonoma luxury spa

find relaxation with the sonoma luxury


this heating pad has a lavender scent

that helps the neck and soothe sore


combined with the heat it provides after

being heated in a microwave or clothes


aside from this you can also cool it in

the freezer to promote gradual recovery

and lessen

excessive muscle soreness it is a highly

versatile product that can provide

moist aromatic therapy in various parts

of your body

including shoulders spine lower back


and stomach this perfectly designed heat


comes with removable covers handcrafted

using some of the highest quality

and plushest heavy fabrics available in

the market

the manufacturer ensured that the

product would provide the best soothing

comfort with its soft

warm and cozy materials but most


they are hypoallergenic and durable

sonoma luxury spa is easy to maintain


remove the lavender flaxseed insert and

then machine wash the cover in cold


afterwards put it in a dryer in medium


remember not to get the inserts wet as

they contain dried lavender butter


and flaxseed that retain the moist heat

when using the heating pad on muscles

and joints

they also soothe dry skin you can get

more of the lavender buds pure oil

by pinching the inserts it's prozar its

covers are machine washable

it is ideal for gentle weight therapy it

comes in two varieties

eucalyptus and lilac and it is

hypoallergenic and durable

it's cons are however it is too short

nevertheless the sonoma luxury spa is

perfect for soothing and relaxing your

aching muscles and joints

it will be like an excellent home spa


the second product on our list is the

ally air go comfy temp

allier go comfy temp is a contoured

electric heating pad

for targeted heat therapy it covers your

neck shoulders

and upper back to help you relieve pain

improve blood circulation

and soothe neck pain sore muscles stress


and cramps because of its contour design

it stays in place and has a snug fit

its slightly weighted edges and snap

faster guarantee that it will not slip

or come loose

so you can be assured that your hands

are free to do other things

like your daily household chores or desk


it has an extra tall collar that secures

it around your neck and on your


this feature allows the product to

provide better heat transfer and

efficient paint relief

this heating pad has three heat settings

and a two hour

auto shutoff feature the three

personalized temperature settings

are low medium and high these allow you

to choose your desired warmth

meanwhile the auto off feature helps the

product to avoid overheating

it also saves energy the allier go comfy


is made of super soft and cozy flannel

that allow this product to provide

maximum comfort

even though this heating pad is electric

you can clean it through machine washing

all you have to do is remove the control

plug the manufacturer offers a 5 year


and a 90 day free return it's prozar

it has a snug fit it includes three heat


it comes with a two hour auto shutoff

feature and

it has a five year warranty its cons are

however it is bulky still if you prefer

an electric heating pad for your neck

you can check out aliergo comfy temp it

has features and functions that its

non-electric counterparts do not offer

before we reveal number one be sure to

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finally our top heating pad for the neck

is the sunbeam heating pad

sunbeam heating pad is another electric

heating pad that provides contoured

direct heat therapy

it gives out gentle heat to your

shoulders neck and the back of your head

it has an extra tall adjustable collar

that offers a snug fit around your neck

additionally it includes slightly

weighted edges and magnetic closures

that guarantees personalized fit and


it is made of a luxurious micro mink

fabric that delivers high quality


but despite its luxurious feel it is

easy to maintain

as this material is machine washable

this heating pad also features

four heat settings a two hour auto off

and a nine foot cord

that allows you to settle anywhere at

home sunbeam's adjustable heated therapy


are designed to allow users to customize

their heat settings to get the maximum

penetrating relief where they wanted the


this heating pad aims to speed up your

recovery from your neck

back and shoulder pains through heat


the heat therapy this product provides

is guaranteed safe and cost-effective

you can position it exactly where you

need it but aside from its efficiency

this product is just simply comfortable

you can use it

even if you're lounging on your couch

watching your favorite tv shows

it's prozar it has 4 heat settings

it is comfortable it comes with a 2 hour

auto shut off

and it includes a 1 year warranty it's

cons are

however it contains magnets that are

detrimental to people with a pacemaker

icd or an insulin pump

the sunbeam heating pad provides the

most practical way to leave your body

some pain

it works fast and delivers comfort at

the same time

you will be back in your tip-top shape

in an instant

that's all for now thanks for watching

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